Contact information

Jia Wang Ph.D.


2005-2009School of Physical, Shandong University B.S.

2009-2012School of Basic Medical, Beijing University M.S.

2012-2016School of Life Science, Tsinghua University Ph.D.

2016-2020School of Life Science, Tsinghua University Postdoc

2020-PresentSchool of Life Science, Tsinghua University

Main Research Fields

Development and application of single particle technique of cryo-electron microscopy.

Selected Publications

1.  Jin W.#,Wang J.#, Liu C.P., Wang H.W., and Xu R.M. (2020) Structural Basis for pri-miRNA Recognition by Drosha. Mol Cell.

2. Wang J.#, Song, X.#, Zhang, D., Chen, X., Li, X., Sun, Y., Li, C., Song, Y., Ding, Y., Ren, R., et al. (2020). Cryo-EM structures of PAC1 receptor reveal ligand binding mechanism. Cell Res.

3. Fan, X.#,Wang J.#, Zhang, X., Yang, Z., Zhang, J.C., Zhao, L., Peng, H.L., Lei, J., and Wang, H.W. (2019). Single particle cryo-EM reconstruction of 52 kDa streptavidin at 3.2 Angstrom resolution. Nat Commun 10, 2386.

4. Wang, J.#, Hu, M.#,Wang, J.#, Qi, J., Han, Z., Wang, G., Qi, Y., Wang, H.W., Zhou, J.M., and Chai, J. (2019). Reconstitution and structure of a plant NLR resistosome conferring immunity. Science 364.

5. Wang, J.#,Wang, J.#, Hu, M.#, Wu, S., Qi, J., Wang, G., Han, Z., Qi, Y., Gao, N., Wang, H.W., et al. (2019). Ligand-triggered allosteric ADP release primes a plant NLR complex. Science 364.