Contact information

Lin WANG Ph.D.


2010-2014 School of Life Sciences,Xiamen University B.S.

2014-2019 School of Life Sciences, Tsinghua University Ph.D.

2019-Present School of Life Sciences, Tsinghua University Postdoc.

Main Research Fields

Major research field is the high throughput screening and identification of splicing inhibitors. The dynamics of spliceosome pose a challenge to detailed mechanistic studies of splicing. Small molecule inhibitors that target components of the spliceosome have great potential as tools to probe important functional components and reveal spliceosome assembly mechanism. My project aims to identify novel spicing inhibitors to investigate splicing mechanism and dissect splicing regulatory networks in cells.

Selected Publications

1. Yan Z, Zhou Q, Wang L (co-first author), Wu J, Zhao Y, Huang G, Peng W, Shen H, Lei J, Yan N, Structure of the Nav1.4-β1 Complex from Electric Eel, Cell. 2017 Jul 27;170(3):470-482.

2. Wan R, Yan C, Bai R, Wang L, Huang M, Wong CC, Shi Y. The 3.8 Å structure of the U4/U6.U5 trisnRNP: Insights into spliceosome assembly and catalysis. Science. 2016 Jan 29;351(6272):466-75