Contact information

Dinshaw Patel Ph.D.

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center | Professor
Member of the National Academy of Sciences
Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Main Research Fields

Our group applies crystallographic and solution NMR techniques to investigate macromolecular-mediated recognition, regulation, and catalysis. The major thrust of the laboratory is currently in the structural biology of RNA silencing and epigenetic regulation (histone and DNA methylation marks). Significant efforts are also under way toward a molecular understanding of RNA-mediated events involving riboswitches and ribozymes, as well as protein-RNA recognition events impacting on disease syndromes. A new project addresses structure-function studies of cytoplasmic metazoan nucleic acid sensors and their cyclic dinucleotide second

messengers that activate the innate immune response. Other projects include higher-order DNA architectures and the DNA damage. Finally, our group also studies the molecular basis of glycosphingolipid and phospholipid binding specificity.