Contact information


Linqi Zhang Ph.D.

2008-present Distinguished Young Scholar of Natural Science Foundation of China
2015 China National Prize on Comprehensive Approach to Prevent and Control HIV-1/AIDS among MSM population in China
2016 Innovation Teaching Award (First Prize) on “Global Health” program for International Master of Public Health at Tsinghua University
2016 Among the Top 10 major achievements of Tsinghua Medical School
2016-present Foreign Fellow of African Academy of Sciences


1981-1985Beijing Normal University, China B.S.

1988-1992University of Edinburgh, UK Ph.D.

1992-1993University of Edinburgh, UK Postdoctoral Fellow,

1993-1998Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center, New York University Postdoctoral Fellow,

1998-2007Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center, The Rockefeller University Assistant/Associate Professor and Staff Investigator,

2007-presentComprehensive AIDS Research Center, Gates-Tsinghua Research Center for Global Health and Infectious Diseases, School of Medicine, Tsinghua University Professor and Director,

Main Research Fields

Professor Zhang has devoted 30 years to studying HIV-1 pathogenesis and vaccine development, and recently expanded his research into emerging and re-emerging human viral pathogens such as Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV), Ebola and Zika virus, and highly pathogenic avian influenza virus (HPAI). Using cutting-edge antibody and combinatorial antigen library techniques, Professor Zhang’s team aims to characterize protective antibody immunity in infected humans and rationally design of effective vaccines and therapeutics against the viral infection.

Selected Publications

1.Zhou P, Wang H, Fang M, Li Y, Wang H, Shi S, Li Z, Wu J, Han X, Shi X, Shang H, Zhou T, Zhang L. 2019. Broadly resistant HIV-1 against CD4-binding site neutralizing antibodies. PLoS Pathog 15:e1007819.

2.Wang Q, Liu L, Ren W, Gettie A, Wang H, Liang Q, Shi X, Montefiori DC, Zhou T, Zhang L. 2019. A Single Substitution in gp41 Modulates the Neutralization Profile of SHIV during In Vivo Adaptation. Cell Rep 27:2593-2607.e5.

3.Wang L, Wang R, Wang L, Ben H, Yu L, Gao F, Shi X, Yin C, Zhang F, Xiang Y, Zhang L. 2019. Structural Basis for Neutralization and Protection by a Zika Virus-Specific Human Antibody. Cell Rep 26:3360-3368.e5.

4.Li G, Jiang Y, Zhang L. 2019. HIV upsurge in China's students. Science 364:711.

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