Contact information

Zhangqiang Li Ph.D.

2020  Shuimu Tsinghua Scholar, Tsinghua University
2020  Advanced Innovation Fellow, Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Structural Biology


2011-2015School of Life Science, Tsinghua University B.S.

2015-2020School of Life Science, Tsinghua University Ph.D.

2020-PresentSchool of Life Science, Tsinghua University Postdoc.

Main Research Fields

Structural investigation of voltage-gated sodium channels with specific drugs or toxins.

Selected Publications

1. Pan, X.*, Li, Z.*, Huang, X.*, Huang, G.*, Gao, S., Shen, H., ... & Yan, N. (2019). Molecular basis for pore blockade of human Na+ channel Nav1. 2 by the μ-conotoxin KIIIA. Science363(6433), 1309-1313.

2. Pan, X.*, Li, Z.*, Zhou, Q.*, Shen, H.*, Wu, K.*, Huang, X., ... & Yan, N. (2018). Structure of the human voltage-gated sodium channel Nav1. 4 in complex with β1. Science362(6412), eaau2486.

3. Shen, H.*, Li, Z.*, Jiang, Y.*, Pan, X.*, Wu, J., Cristofori-Armstrong, B., ... & Yan, N. (2018). Structural basis for the modulation of voltage-gated sodium channels by animal toxins. Science362(6412), eaau2596.